Name Riley-Matthew Leigh Weingarten
Nicknames Riles, Ri Ri, Matt, and Mattie
Age 19
R/S Status Single
Gender Bigender
Sexuality Bisexual
hi, i'm matthew but you can also call me riley or any nicknames i listed/u come up with idc. im mainly non-binary but identify with bigender so thats what i will refer to myself as and ask you to use he/she/it pronouns. i'm polyamorous bisexual and currently single, but i do have a qpp and you should follow them @noicemaster.

i'm white, physically abled, and in the lower middle class. i have a job and am often not online because of it but dm me whenever cause i always check those. i'm 19 turning 20 this year so if you need to soft-block me because of this i don't mind and i'm not going to follow you if you're under 17 unless you like follow first but still i'll be wary.

please keep in mind i am extremely mentally ill and am medicated from this and in therapy. this effects my daily fuction and i will sometimes very rarely make suicidal tweets but mainly keep this restricted to my personal account you can ask for but theres no guarantee i'll give you it unless we've talked many times beforehand.

currently i'm super into marvel comics and superhero comics in general, but i also loads of interests that vary and fluctuate like every other month but i have a list of almost all of them on my listography.

i do have character ids, i'm not okay with doubles following me but idc if you follow doubles, and they are:

  • Matthew Williams from Hetalia (major part of my identity)
  • Alphonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Leafpool from Warriors
  • Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler from X-Men
  • Lucario from Pokemon (doubles okay)
  • Cookie Cat from Steven Universe (doubles okay)